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The fast-paced card game coming soon to a city near you!

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Welcome to the ever expanding Card Game

Stolendale is all about connecting players everywhere. Your real-life actions on official tournaments will determine the progression of the lore in the virtual game.

The Stolendale is rumoured to be a great ancient artifact and in order to enable it, you will need to master the elements of Magika. No one can, but everyone claims to have mastered it.

For ages the Stolendale has been shut and nobody so far was able to tune it. Creatures and distant worlds are waiting for you to discover and explore. The journey to unveil the powers of Stolendale and to finally be the master of Magika is filled with adventures.

Choose between 50+ cards to accompany you in your adventures!

Stolendale is expected to be released to the public in 2021, but there are efforts to bring some of the offline experiences to a city near you!

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