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A prime gaming experience for Shooter & Survival lovers.

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PrimeTale seeks to be a player-friendly community and has its focus on Shooter & Survival.

And here is what we can offer:

Our 2 Sides

We plan to build our server on 2 big pillars.
The first carrying our "Shooter" aspect, offering a FPS gamemode

  • Team-Deathmatch
  • Loadout Classes
  • Various Maps
  • Dynamic Map Variations
  • High Cosmetic Customization

and the second carrying our "Survival" aspect, offering a Sandbox-Survival in an MMO environment.

  • Sandbox aspect: Building
  • Survival aspects and various skills
  • Big Open World in MMO Environments
  • Heavily based on progress
  • Grouping (clans or groups)


We aim for a friendly playerbase. This will be enforced with a wide range of screening of the players and their behaviour. Our players will be helpful and eager.
You feel like you fit to us and are hyped for our services? Be free to join us! By now, the community is represented by our discord server only.


We are assembling a competent friendly server team to help our players and create updates all the time.
And we are still expanding our team; visit our Discord to get to know more about applying to us.

In hope of having you interested: Thanks for looking by!

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