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An RP server featuring D&D elements as well as AOE2, EU4, CIV5 elements.

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KBD Is an RP enviornment that is a planned and methodical experience, rather than offering a 24/7 up-time for players to relax on: we intend on serving event based sessions that can last anywhere from 3 hours to 6 hours, or more. Half of the game is played using Hytale, and the remaining half is played socializing with your teammates, and constructing a civilization using meta tools that we provide.

These 'meta tools' refer to the working in-game economy, planning to purchase supplies, strategize your limited amounts of time and even using, or saving perks that are earned over the course of the RP. Grinding resources will be a removed element from the game, and instead, players are forced to construct new buildings in order to gather an income of resources. Teamwork is a must, and is strictly enforced as a part of the experience; few exceptions. (Like merchants and player NPC's)


Your civilization has been brought to their knees, completely and utterly crushed. Destroyed by a horde of modern and future soldiers, nothing remains of your culture and history: not even the dirt that once housed your dead has survived this onslaught. Although this bleak world has doomed your civilization to nothingness, you're given an ultimatum.

Crawl your way back into existence by entertaining this civilization with your attempt at regaining power on a strange new world; or simply perish into nothingness. Accepting this ultimatum, you are given one warning and one warning is the only one that you will get: do not forget your culture, religion, and do not betray the beliefs of your civilization.

It is less clear then, if at all, that the reason why you have suffered this fate is because of your need to spread what you believe as the true and only.

To submit a civilization, your civilization must not accept a specific quality of a person group. This can range from religious beliefs, to sexuality, to simple minded need to kill and expand. No civilization must be pure.

Base Stats

There are 3 base stats in this game,


Force Limit, Manpower, and Administrative Capacity.

Force Limit Records the amount of military capacity you can handle. This ranges from mounts of all kinds, some buildings, vehicles, and NPC soldiers. Force limit is not impacted by NPC civilians, instead, It's impacted by buildings and the number of players in a faction.

Manpower is typically an economic value, with Manpower being used for work stations and other building not necessarily defined as so. Manpower can also be gained as slaves, stealing from other populations. One manpower typically produces one base value out of a work station.

Administrative Capacity must be higher than Manpower and Force Limit base stats combined, otherwise this will generate random events that will always be negative. These events are identical to negative karma events, however, are not based on a value from low to high. All Factions start with 45 Points to put into either of these stats.

Building is a necessary part of every civilization. From the walls that you build, the homes that will house your civilization and even the aesthetics of your building: All of this will be taken into account.

Work Stations

Work Stations are buildings that produce a specific product. If you want to survive the next session, you will need a farm. Your farms will provide you with the specified food, like a carrot farm, or a potato farm for example. You can sell or give this products as tribute to others, or NPC civilizations for rewards. You may also grow luxury goods, such as a tobacco farm. Bare in mind, all of this is meta, and your task will be to create something that resembles the farm of your choosing; the goods will be given to you in the OOC aspect of the game. (A tobacco farm must look like a tobacco farm, a watermelon farm like a watermelon farm.)

Non-organic stations may also be built. Unlike other servers, we will be making the manual effort of gathering resources extremely time consuming. Taking this aspect out of the game will reduce grind and make RP & the use of the economy a lot more worth. This means that in order to complete a craft or construction, you will need to either purchase the resource for next session, or make the resource yourself. Creating a work station like an oil plant will give you oil, or a quarry will give you stone. A sapphire mine will give you sapphires, which you can sell.

A workstation requires population, you can gather more population by building attractions to gain amenities. The more amenities that you do have, the more population events will come and visit: some of which stay for good. The quality, size and look of the build will determine the effectiveness. Check Material, Events, Economy, Quality for more information on this.

A very large but ugly building will produce much less than a small but quality in appearance building. A large building that looks great will produce substantially more than a small high quality building. This is true for all buildings.


Karma is a meta mechanic that is used by staff to either reward your behavior or punish them. Keep in mind, punishment of a behavior is in regards to the RP of the game: not the players themselves. Doing good things will bring in good karma, this karma can be used by staff for NPC interactions like giving your group a tribute, spawning random events, and so forth.

Negative Karma on the other hand prevents extensive warmongering and consistently being a thorn in other players sides. If a bad behavior occurs, it will be recorded and negative karma is gained. While in negative karma, gain a chance to spawn a negative event such as building decay, NPC Declaration of war, sickness and disease, the loss of a mount, the disappearance of a mount, and population random events.


Perks are manipulators of your base stats, faction buildings, population, and so much more. Perks will not only impact your gameplay but they should also impact your RP. Factions more inclined to warfare are more inclined to Offensive Perks, those who are more interested in turtling will be attracted to defensive perks.

All other perks should benefit all forms of playstyle, Cultural Perks being based entirely on a culture cannot conflict with your other cultural perks. Diplomatic Perks are self explanatory.

Niche perks are powerful but start game and end-game choices, once somebody has selected a Niche Perk, nobody can ever have that perk until your civilization is either dead, or no longer in the current game.

NPC Perks you cannot choose, they spawn as a forced perk against the world or your civilization.

Log Leaders

A log leader is a person that is interested in all of the fancy mechanics and will handle them for the people who aren't interested in the complexity of the game. This enables players to play the basic game under orders.

Log leaders are required to get the majority vote of their team to agree on new perks, game plans, and make sure that no rules are being broken. Log leaders also record events that take place, having players report to them to take note. If no record of an event taking place is made, then it will never have happened in RP. Likewise, if a negative event isn't reported, but is known about and then found out, the negative impact is tremendously inflated.

Multiple log leaders are typically required in order to take the brunt of all of this, while some factions might not require one due to perk and governments. Overall, a Log Leader is essentially the experienced D&D player helping the new players get into the game.

The Economy

The economy is a fluctuating market that allows for products to be sold and bought. While some prices will drop and give the incentive to purchase material, sometimes a price will drastically increase: giving the incentive to sell for a marginal paycheck. Random Events can trigger the economy in different ways, a depression for example will make the use of the market near impossible.

The economy system is based on a number of 1-10, 5 being the base value of the product. For every number below or above this base value, it loses / gains 25% value. A 10 sided dice is used for each product.

Art & Perk Teams

The art & perk team are avid members of the community that provide extended support for it's members and the content being developed concerning the roles. The Perk term will recommend a constant supply of perks to either be denied or accepted based on an existing playstyle or a new playstyle. Not only this, but the perk team will keep other staff and players aware of balancing issues: like the need for a nerf or buff for a certain perk.

The art team on the other hand will provide support for the perks being created, turning them into cards for future use. The means of creating these new cards should be easy to do to a certain extent and accessible by everybody of any skill level.

Joining a team means that you'll be active enough to give relief for the creators in the development process, finding new ways to create something that has already been established, and perhaps other unspecified tasks.

Additional information

All Current Cards: https://mega.nz/#!U1dWDAaK!ZOZFqjCHdgB4eDZSy_8imqKiF9vKbmk0f41G7uaXMB4

Cards have since been nearly doubled in number, I will not be rendering them at the moment. Currently, I will not be recruiting for this project as launch has been pushed back; I will have additional time to work on the project as new inspirations have come through.

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