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Hypelands is a Survival Server with Custom Claiming, Zones, Mobs, Equipment, Weapons, Vehicles, and much more.
to see what we offer read down here:

➜ Survival Hypelands is taking a different take on the survival aspect of hytale, Hypelands will have its own Claiming Features, Items, Gear, Weapons, Zones, Vehicles, and mobs. Hypelands will have a custom map that all players are a part of the whole map is Sectioned in different types of zones and each zone has its own ups and downsides for you to decide where you will survive your first night. Creat Clans Huge Bases And Concur Lands and Create Allies And Enemies. for more information check out our discord server.

➜ Community Hypelands Playerbase is a Friendly Community to be a part of, in our community mainly in discord we post awesome stuff the team is working hard on, and on that server, we will also be posting Dev blogs about how hypelands is going. If you want to join our Discord server don't hesitate and join it now to go on an awesome adventure.

➜ Our Staff Team in the hypelands staff team, we have some awesome members that are Highly dedicated to Hypelands
if you need any help you could send a message to our discord server with a lot of Players waiting for Hytale and Hypelands.

We hope you can join us in this awesome adventure together.*

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im wondering why they droped That type Of Meat xD

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