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What is Canreal?

Canreal will be THE Hytale MMORPG-Server. Our team is experienced in developing plugins and mods for many games, managing a community and more. Canreal will be a whole game based on Hytale and the development will be in close relation with the community.

Feautures we plan are:

  • Quest- and Levelsystem
  • Skillsystem with a unique Skilltree
  • Custom weapons, enemies, items, currency and much more
  • Dungeons
  • Boss-fights
  • Legendary items you can obtain by killing a boss or completing advancements for e.g.
  • Advancements
  • Great Endgame experience
  • Creating your own house, town and city with unique game mechanics
  • Dynamic world which is changing upon player's decisions
  • and much more!

You can follow the project by registering on our website and reading our announcements we regulary post. You can also bring your own ideas there, to improve the quality of Canreal! Also, be sure to join our Discord! :)

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Website version 1.1.3 is now live with improved performance and database optimization. It does not add something new, but improves some smaller things in the background of how we use the database bound to the website and it's contribution page. See the changelog for website version 1.1.3 here:

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we just set up our new wiki which is now hosted by us and free from annoying ads. Read more here:

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