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Explore a new universe in the Bluewind Network! A primarily space-based Hytale Server Network!

Battle Royale

A 40-player game where you land on a custom giant map and loot to find unique resources and weapons, and then fight it out in multiple intense battles!


Play with friends, or go it alone and play on our massive, custom sci-fi themed map, and fight unique enemies, unlock awesome gear, and customize your character.


An intense game where you select a weapon, jump into the Arena, and fight it out! After you kill somebody, you level up, and get a weapon upgrade. But after you die, you restart.


Create your own games using your own personal "Orbit", which is a 300x300 block plot where you are able to create anything that falls under our rules! We also provide you with custom blocks, tools, and devices to create something truly awesome!

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