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Archfall is a serious high fantasy Hytale roleplay server. With over a decade of combined roleplay server operation experience, our mission is to create a living and breathing fantasy world for you to roleplay in. This includes a handcrafted and hand-built original fantasy world, custom plugins and server systems to further assist in immersing the player in the roleplay experience.

The World

In a wild, ruined land filled with the corpses of past civilizations, a new bastion of hope arises: the Free City of Myr. Nestled between the crags of rock on the violent northern shores of Neryn and the murky expanses of the southern swamplands, the isolated capital draws travelers from all over, flocking to behold the benevolence of the city’s namesake-- the Elven Warrior God-King Myros. Sculpted from the desolate reaches by His very hands, the uniter of the lost peoples of Neryn and unifier of the squabbling Elven Tribunal, who have formed their own puppet city-state of Velas, but remain nonetheless faithful and involved to Myros’ kingdom.

However, there are still remnants of the old civilizations among the lands, the secluded human tribes grow thin living on the brink of society, such as the Ashakira: mystics and lore-keepers, or the Rasarnad, silver-tongued traders and nomads of the land.

This uncharted, developing world is both volatile and untamed, cooperation in an ever-polarizing political landscape proving evermore necessary for survival. Nonetheless, the rampant colonization of the Elven peoples have brought further development of mystical knowledge, including the synthesis of magically imbued items and a more widespread usage of magic.

Persistent torrents of rain and storms threaten the carefully cultivated utopia of Myros’ kingdom and the lands of Neryn as a whole. While some may believe this to be a natural phenomenon, some remain disturbed by these prophetic connections to the wrath of the repressed Old Gods, and while the prophetic God-King remains dormant and silent in his palace, the waters continue to rise...

About Us

We are two engineering students with a passion for roleplay, specifically roleplay servers. With over a decade of combined experience with roleplay and server development between the two of us, we jumped on this opportunity. Having seen the decline in the roleplay community dying out over the past few years Hytale seemed to be able to breathe life into the genre. Wanting to bring serious roleplay to this new community we’ve spent a lot of time formulating a new world to hopefully bring to life once this game arrives.

Additionally, our combined background in engineering and as developers grants us the expertise to write custom plugins and mods for the server using Hytale’s official API.

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Note: Concept art used is not made by the staff of Archfall. I wish we were talented enough to do so. We just used the art as inspiration for our story writing and believes it aligns with most of what we have written for the server and it's lore thus far. Most of the concept art comes from the Elder Scrolls Morrowind game and all credit to their artists!

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