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A post apocalyptic hytale server

  • Shooter
  • Roleplay
  • Supervivencia
  • PvP

AtomicWorks is home to Hyout, A fallout inspired gamemode. you will be able to complete quests, explore the harsh wastelands and make new friends or enemies.

Base system The player will be able to claim a room in a operational vault (1-4 vaults). After claiming a room from the overseer you will be able to decorate it however you wish and also unlock diffrent rooms like Hydroponics lab, storage room, basement and ect, depending on your room size. (small/medium/large)

Exploration Exploration will be the main point of the server, you will be able to discover different locations which way contain some loot or few enemies. Exploration will also be the way of getting resourses for upgarding your room and craft better equipment for the next time you adventure into the wastes.

PVP The player will be able to pvp with other survivors with diffrent types of weapons. There will also be limb damage which will affect your gameply untill your limb isnt healed.

Perks There will be alot of perks the player can unlock for diffrent gameplays. Each perk will requiqer diffrent player levels and Skills (Strength, Agility, Endurance, Intelligence, Perception).

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Some hazmat suit variants that you will be able to craft and use on your adventures in Hyout.

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Preview of the wallpaper and floor system that will be used in Hyout to change the look of your room. There will also be a lot more wallpapers and floor types when Hyout gets released. (Made in Minecraft)

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