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Server presentation

Start: When you first join HypeLands you are lying On the Ground to Stand Up You Press The Walking Key then you are given a stone, torch and a claiming flag to get tools. You will need to hit the trees/rocks with the small stone you have. If you hit a tree with your hands (with no protection on) your stamina level will get low fast, and you will get a bit of damage with the tools. You will be able to make better tools and get more efficient. Your daily needs such as wood, stone, metals, and more. Be aware of your surroundings.

Claiming Flags: Like we said at “Start”, when you join the server for the first time you get a claiming flag. When you place the flag at an unclaimed area, the flag will ask you to make a clan. After you have made a clan, you will be able to place the flag, and get a 1 week (in Hytale time) protection around your base. It will also make a 10x10 base 80% harder to break for members not in your clan. To upgrade your 10x10 base you will need to upgrade your flag to a higher level. If you have an upgrade on your flag, then your base’s size increases to 20x20. This goes on forever. You will also need to pay your base upkeep with materials like metals, stone, wood Etc. How Bigger & How Stronger Materials You Make your Base of How More The UpKeep Will Be.

Transportation: Wondering how to travel to all your destinations? Don't worry! HypeLands will be adding awesome ATV's for you to travel with! Don't forget to bring your fuel-filled JerryCans from the abandoned gas stations or you will need to walk again. 1L fuel will bring you 100 blocks farther HypeLands Has made 1 vehicle So Far We will Add More In the Future.

Locations: Abandoned Gas Stations Have JerryCans with Fuel in it And it Also Has a Food Store Where There Are Food Baskets. Some Abandoned Gas Stations Might Have Toxic Areas So Watch Out Of Get a HazMat Suit to Protect you From Radiation And Toxic Gasses Abandoned Mines Have a Lot Of Rich Minerals That Are Hard to Find OutSide they Also Have Loot Boxes With Stuff Like Miner Hats And Metal Pickaxes Mines, At Working Mines You Can Use Revinerys To Revine Metals And Other Minerals It Also Has The Same Stuff Like Abandoned Mines Abandoned Stores abandoned Stores Have a Lot Of Food And Medication Items. Light Houses Have Loot At every Floor The Loot Can Change On What Kind Of Biome You Are. Rafts With Loot On them these Rafts Spawn Naturally On Water At Sea’s . If you Make a Boat You will be Able to Go to those Rafts And Collect the Loot The Loot Can Also Change on what kind of Biome you are. you Could Also Swim to the Rafts But That Doesn't Look Like a Good Plan for me Unless You Want to Get in a Fight Go a Head And Dive a Head to your Next Destination!

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