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A survival MMORPG expanding upon Hytale's base game!

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What is Avalon?

The Game

Taking inspiration from MMORPG's such as World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV, Avalon seeks to replicate the sense of immersion, progression and accomplishment of its predecessors. Going above and beyond the traditional MMORPG format, Avalon plans to allow players to actively build within the game world that the story and lore takes place in, only protecting critical locations.

The Story

When an ancient civilization tampered with that which lay beyond their comprehension, the multiverse was brought to its knees by a creature known as The Nightmare. Now Avalon remains as the last bastion against this monstrosity, with the clock ticking down. How many times must history be turned back to prevent Avalon's seemingly inevitable fate brought about by its past sins?



Enter dangerous dungeons crawling with monsters and filled with valuable loot, or test your coordination in a raid with a party of friends, without interference from other players. Pick from six classes with more to come and choose your combat style as you face these challenges.


Become a part of Avalon's in depth economy, fueled by provincial currency values. Level up your crafting classes to create valuable items and sell them on the provincial markets, or level up your gathering classes to find the rarest materials to help make those crafts in the highest of quality.

There's so much more to say about Avalon! Stay tuned as more information about Avalon is released over the coming months!

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