What to expect in this week's Hytale blog post?

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A new blog post from Hytale should finally be out by Friday. But don't expect only good news....

No Hytale blog post for 3 months

It' s now been over three months since the last published post on Hytale's blog even though the Hytale team promised a new article every few weeks.

This silence has created some frustration among a part of the Hytale community. For example, Hypixel Studios has communicated extensively following Hytale's nomination in the "Most Expected Game" category of the 37th edition of the Golden Joystick. The fact that Hypixel encouraged the Hytale community to vote for the game even though the development studio has been silent for several months has irritated many people.

However, it is necessary to put this into context because other, more sympathetic voices have been heard. And if Hytale supporters are joking about Noxy's silence, as the tweet below shows, support is still widely present almost a year after the game was announced.

Noxy gives details on the next blog post

With a touch of humour, Noxy announced last Friday, that the next Hytale blog post will be out later this week, in response to a tweet from Hytale News.

He also gave some answers about the Hytale developers silence. First, several blog posts were indeed planned, but major evolutions (either ongoing or future) on Hytale prevented their publication. After all, what is the point of presenting an aspect of the game that is about to be changed? Noxy admits that the studio should have been more transparent. While the initial plan was to present Hytale's gameplay elements as they are finished, Noxy admits that this was not the right approach. The studio should have explained why a particular feature of Hytale is falling behind, rather than waiting several months for its completion.

Noxy also shared some details on Reddit about the content of upcoming blog posts. He promised that many aspects of Hytale will be covered (without specifying which ones), a way to make up for lost time!

Noxy explanation of Hypixel Studios silence Noxy's explanations for the absence of blog posts

But, Noxy also reports some bad news (without confirming that they will be covered in the next blog post). While many players would like Hytale to be released tomorrow, Noxy warns that we are still far from that. Thus, do not expect a Hytale beta in the next few months. On the other hand, Noxy promises explanations as to the difficulties encountered, the mistakes of the studio, all of this for transparency purposes. We will obviously appreciate these initiatives, and we look forward to seeing all these carifications!