Stolendale: Play Hytale with a real card game

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Do you like card games? Today's server is particularly innovative. Stolendale is both a Hytale roleplay server project and a collectible card game!

Jim, the Stolendale Project Leader, explained that he is a lifelong fan of card games and that the great personalization promised by Hytale allowed him to start this crazy project.

But how will Stolendale work in practice?

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A card battle in Hytale

Stolendale is not just a server, it will be complemented by a set of collectible cards. We are talking here about real physical cards, which will be available for purchase, but you will also find the same cards in a virtual version on Stolendale's Hytale server.

You can use your cards to compete against other players. Specifically, Stolendale transforms Hytale into a huge battlefield where the two sides fight each other by playing cards: a real strategy game! Think about it: Your inventory won't be made of blocks. Instead, you will pick a class and get a weapon (such as a sword or a spear) along with cards to cast. All you have to do is choose a card and click to activate it. Jim told us that the cards are comparable to spells, a bit like those you would find on Wynncraft (a Minecraft MMORPG server).

Three types of cards will be collectable: Summoning cards (themselves divided into construction cards, to invoke offensive and defensive structures, and troop cards to invoke armies), Spell cards and Upgrade cards. For example, you can cast a card that will summon an army of monsters, controlled by artificial intelligence, and fighting on your behalf.

An illustration of a knight that may be found on one of the cards in the game.

How to obtain Stolendale cards?

There will be several ways to get new cards. Of course, you can buy them in the Stolendale store. Jim guarantees us that we will also be able to get them simply by playing (by completing adventures for example). After that, Stolendale will ship the cards so that you receive them directly at home within 2 to 5 working days. We can imagine that it will take a lot of gaming hours if you want to get all the cards. This is especially true since there will be several levels of rareness, six overall.

Because you receive real cards, your Stolendale game will follow you outside of Hytale. Jim explains that with special rules, you will also be able to play with these cards in your living room, away from the screens.

Finally, the game will evolve over time. Stolendale plans to create thirty new cards each quarter.

Behind the scenes of Stolendale project...

A project like this is really ambitious because where most servers will only have to support game design and development tasks, Stolendale will have to handle a real physical product. Obviously, such a project is hard and expensive. But there is a company behind Stolendale : HowdyInteractive is a conglomerate privately owned company. Their portfolio include 8 companies with 7 offices around the world. Such a project also requires a huge workload. In an interview with the American YouTuber ThirtyVirus, we learned that the goal for launching is 6 to 7 months after Hytale's release. Such a delay is not surprising given that very little is known about the technical aspect of Hytale. This does not mean that Stolendale is resting: the project is currently in the design phase (including the creation of cards) and a reflection is ongoing for logistics issues.

To read more about it....

Feel free to visit the Stolendale website to learn more about their project. And if you want to get involved, you should know that as of today, Stolendale has gathered a team of 15 volunteers (including developers, illustrators, event organizers, marketing managers), and that other positions are open.

You should also know that you can meet the Stolendale team. They are travelling around the world in more than fifteen cities this year (including New-York, Moscow, London...).

Stolendale Volunteers Visit to see available positions