Kui's Battle Dimension: The removal of grinding

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Hi there, this post features KBD: Kui’s Battle Dimension, and it is recommended to check out the introductory post before furthering this read.

Today KBD will be presenting the removal of grinding as a gameplay element, and how it will impact the game as a whole.


The term "Grinding" refers to all the repetitive tasks we do in a video-game to gain experience or collect resources.

Grinding has always been a part of Roleplay servers on many games, despite the element itself providing very little content. Ark Survival Evolved can involve hours trying to get metal, the right dinosaurs, building your home, and by then, a quarter of the RP season has already elapsed and the server will restart; repeating the cycle. This is 25% of content that could’ve been spent on RPing. It is legitimate to think that grinding will also be important in Hytale.

KBD intends on removing grinding from the game but maintaining that feeling of achievement through proper planning and interaction.

Removing grinding

Removing the grind can be a bit of a difficult task, it’s a part of survival games because the grind is always the gameplay: without that, there is nothing to progress and therefore, there is no reason to continue on with the game. Believe me, KBD realizes this and we want to maintain a sense of progression. But how are we going to do this?

For starters, we want to slow down block breaking by 99%. While it is possible to break a block, it will take so long that you might as well go out of your way and RP for the rewards. This way, if you are a few block shorts, it is very possible for your group to begin hacking away at trees together as a team to get those resources. In replacement of getting resources through actual manual labor, we want to promote the market and smart spending.


Smart spending

Economy is constantly changing, and in the matter of in-game days, the cost of certain ressources such as the wood can double, or be divided by two.

Thus it is primordial to plan your builds and quantify your needs in different resources for the incoming future. Spend smartly the money you've earned through RP, quests and accomplishing milestones to stock up supplies.

Now that you’ve got your supply, you need to build workstations with that supply. If you live near a volcano, you can build an obsidian mining station to gain obsidian over a period of time, based on the appearance of that mining station and how big it is. If you live in perfect conditions for farming, build lots of farms, then purchase what you need. Live near the water? Use the access to water as a means of gaining food rapidly, increasing your workforce. Sell additional food that you don’t need for what you do need.

Quests and milestones

If none of this is applicable to you, plenty of perks and early milestones can set you up with enough resources to do what your RP group wants to do. Examples of milestones are completely walling your civilization in, surviving the first day, and providing enough food to sustain yourself. You should always feel like you have something to do, whether it is RPing with yourselves, other factions, and establishing politics. Even if you don’t accomplish something during a turn, you will be given rewards for RP; such as throwing a ball or inviting another faction to talk over politics.

In conclusion, KBD discourages the grind and wants people to RP. We will remove content from the game like the ability to self sustain through chopping trees and working in a mine, but we’ve replaced that with 4X elements familiar to Endless Legend & Civilizations.

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