Kui’s Battle Dimension: The Metagame

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KBD is a unique concept when compared to other RP communities because it puts the Metagame design before other elements of the game. Using Method, Action, Rules, Game Design and Strategy; Hytale mechanics come second to the design of gameplay developed specifically for the KBD games.

In order to completely comprehend this informational blog post, it’s recommended that you read previous blog posts and the main profiles dissection of what the KBD experience is all about.

To start, Metagame includes the rules that are not dictated by game mechanics, but instead, exist independently inside and outside of the game (Metagame is not to be mistaken for Metagaming, which is a completely different concept of definition). An example of this concept includes the perk cards that enable boosters to the civilization, oftentimes changing a playstyle pattern based on the acquired boosters.

Consider this perk:

Death Cocoon: "Attacking a settlement generates a random number based on the number of forces attacking. The number starts at 0 -> the number of attacking forces, and is RNG decided. The number is then given to the perk holder as a form of population that will bloom after 2 turns, gaining half the population per turn (Including the day of the attack. Works with Incubation egg / Gestation Sugar). All captives are turned into Death Cocoons."

This perk maintains both an in-game mechanic and a metagame mechanic, warfare and combat can take place within the game and outside of the game. (Players can carry out these attacks in-game, and they can use population numbers to raid others. This is an out-of-game mechanic.) An example of an only meta-game impacting perk however is the following perk:

Peace Loving: "Gain a stacking value of production, 20% per game. This stacks continuously until this faction enters a state of war. This value is instantly lost, and reset if that is the case. After reaching 100%, gain the Stagnant NPC Perk."

This perk only impacts the metagame because it has no impact on the game's mechanics, all of the impacts are out-of-game and impact the metagame.

Some players' playstyles are more direct than others, and therefore prefer to interact less with the metagame and more so with the mechanics of the game itself, there is a plethora of perks that fit this playstyle. Additionally, players may submit perks for approval (Rejected perks can be reformed, or taken by staff in order to produce new perks. Some perks may be revised to fit certain conditions). Two perks that these types of players might find an interest in includes:

Blazing Wonderland: "Never live anywhere Fire / Magma / Lava cannot exist, spread the wasteland throughout the world to spread your dominance and give yourself a home. Gain immunity to heat based attacks, must require an applicable race. Production buildings and farm materials are free of charge, if applicable."

As well as:

Frozen Wonderland: "Never live anywhere snow cannot exist, spread the cold throughout the world to spread your dominance and give yourself a home. Gain immunity to cold based attacks, must require an applicable race. Production buildings and farm materials are free of charge, if applicable."

Are domination based perks that likely have no interest in participating with the economy. Although these players will face extreme aggression from NPC’s, and probably other players, the benefits of these types of perks are typically greater than those without those consequences. Factions that intend on an annihilation victory will win the game when it has been decided that victory is imminent (There is no way to lose).

Even though an Annihilation Victory is possible, it will be extremely difficult.

Oftentimes, it is better to instead participate in the metagame.

Factions that prefer this playstyle will likely be interested in perks that gain defensive benefits, trade benefits and production benefits.

Maritime Society: "Your civilization must be connected to a culture of sea life. If your source of food is not fish or other sea life based food, suffer Unique NPC Debuffs and negative events. Additionally, gain double production for any building based on water or dependent on sea life. All perks based on maritime may have one additional effect, unless if the perk is a multiplier; in the case that it is a multiplier, double the original number."

Perks like Maritime Society promote a specific playstyle that can be RP’d for additional bonus points (Proper RP can give major bonuses or even free perks. Like everything, these need to be recorded in some fashion for staff to be aware). Another perk that might interest somebody uninterested in the mechanical aspect of the game includes:

Trade Hub: "You're a trade hub, being a center of trade means that your home welcomes all indoors for trade. Gain a fluctuating income based on your diplomatic standing with other players and NPC city-states. Receive a 10% discount on purchasing products. Removing this perk inflicts the NPC Perk: Depression on everybody."

As per usual, if a civilization does not meet the conditions to benefit from either of these perks, new ones might be formed, and revised accordingly. All playstyles that enable challenge and fair play will be accepted.

In conclusion, Metagame is what makes KBD able to develop so much without the release of Hytale. It’s a concept that can take place on the majority of survival games, and takes inspiration from many games; especially 4x games. There is a lot to explore with this system, and understand the metagame is just as important as understanding the physical game. Live and prosper, build a civilization, good or evil, any culture, any belief. KBD attracts all walks of life into its competition.