Hytavern: Play competitive with unique heroes

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Hytavern is a team-based competitive Hytale server featuring a unique cast of heroes, each with their own style and abilities.

Welcome to the Tavern

You can choose to play from a roster 9-12 heroes on 3-4 maps that will be available upon release. We’ll be releasing new heroes every season that will diversify the existing cast. Each hero will have two abilities and one super-ability in their arsenal that could be used to chain combos and surprise the enemy.

Coda from the House of Fallen Coda from the House of Fallen

Houses and Guilds

Heroes from the Tavern are spread out into three different Houses, each House having its own core play style and weapons. The Fallen (Purple) use void magic, and stealth techniques that allows them to maneuver the map quickly. The Royal Guard (Red) are skilled martial artist in swords, spears, axes, and more, making them dominant in close quarters combat. The Arcane (Teal) uses gadgets and magic powered by an ancient rune to get a leg up on their opponents.

The Fallen, The Royal Guard and The Arcane flags The Fallen, The Royal Guard and The Arcane flags

Players will be able to make guilds and choose which House represents them the most to compete in the leaderboard every week.

The Team and Behind the Scenes

Hytavern is managed by TechSpectrum who has several years of experience in game and web development and marketing. He has been using tools like Roblox, Unity, and Unreal Engine. The project is co-managed by Tic with experience in graphic design, art direction, and server management in Counter Strike.

We have staff that are working on our dedicated Discord bot for the server to bring the Hytale server closer to our community. Our composer is working on an original soundtrack for the server, for a more immersive experience. A lot of focus goes into our art direction for creating unique character designs : We go through various concept arts, and models, then build each character from the ground up in CraftStudio. When designing maps we use Minecraft to concept our layout and style. This speeds up our development process so that we can be ready on Hytale release. We look forward to using Minecraft as a tech-demo concept for our Discord members to play, that will represent our vision for the server and make adjustments as needed.

We also have a sponsor: Shockbyte will be hosting our servers as our community grows and expands. This will allow us to have the hardware available to allow as many waiting ready to play. They currently host hundreds of servers on fast hardware that will allow us to scale our database for storing players progression.

As part of our pipeline for professional development and having a direction for our server, we developed a roadmap. Each season a new roadmap will be made to let the community know where we are at and what to expect next.

Hytavern development roadmap for winter 2019-2020 Hytavern development roadmap for winter 2019-2020

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