A summary of Hytale's world generation

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Welcome back to's blog! Today we are going to talk and speculate about the technology behind the Hytale world generation and its possibilities and challenges. Both the adventures you can experience and the challenges you can meet along the way.

Hytale world zones The Hytale world is divided into zones

The world of Hytale is divided into zones, these are not to be confused with biomes as each zone has its own set of biomes, structures, creatures, blocks and more.

Even the caves in each zone vary! In the depths of zone 4, for example, you can find oases with bioluminescent dinosaurs. In zone 3, on the other hand, you can find underground frozen lakes.

Zone 4 Swamp with Dinosaur Zone 4 swamps can harbour dangerous specimens.

The world generation is very complex and generates structures that are adapted to your progression. This is for encouraging a non-linear progression. For example, near the spawn area, you'll probably find structures suitable for beginners. As you progress through the game, the world's structures and generation will progress with you and can offer you more substantial and complex challenges.

Furthermore, not only does the generation of the world change, but the creatures that inhabit it will also become stronger. Perhaps you'll find a ruined castle invaded by skeletons that are harder to beat.

Biome tiers Different types of structures generated in Zone 2 with various difficulty

Not only will you be able to plunder and overcome the structures and challenges you encounter, but the targeting system will also help you not to run out of places to go. For example, in the following screenshot, we can see a player entering a Trorks Camp. As he enters he receives the mission to kill trorks. Missions can reward you with different prizes, such as special items and faction reputation.

Trork camp A Trork Camp in Zone 1

A sophisticated system will be responsible for generating dungeons underground so that they are always unique and unrepeatable. So if you come across a tower invaded by mages, you can go down into its depths and discover something new each time.

5c2fcdc277b7840018784741_4_caves_3.jpgThe dungeons will go deep into the map. Getting back to the surface may be just as tricky.

As you can see, the Hytale world has a lot of content for you not to get bored. But there's more - not only will you find caves and minerals under the surface, but under the water there will also be caves and wrecks.

Beware though! Don't move too fast, there are underwater creatures that can be dangerous even though they may look attractive.


That concludes this summary article. We have collected all the interesting and relevant information from this last year about the world's generation and have captured it in this short article.