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Welcome to ! is a list of French and English-speaking Hytale servers! We list the most promising Hytale servers, whatever their game style (PvP, PvE, Role-play, Mini-games, Skyblock...). And of course, if you create your own server, you can also have it added!

Our platform is still under development, but in the meantime, we would like to share with you an overview of the project.

You think we're not legitimate

At this point, you may be thinking several things, such as: "It's useless... there will already be a list of servers integrated into Hytale! ", or even: "Argh... Another Top Servers site like there are already dozens of them for Hytale though the game isn't even launched. " or "This kind of site is toxic, rankings based on votes don't mean much and even worse, you always have to pay to have a chance to put your server forward...".

UI concept of a server browser A server browser concept integrated into the game, presented by Hytale

In all cases, you would be totally right and I'm not going to argue with that! That's why we thought of differently. Unlike the usual Top Servers, the platform will be composed of two sections: a list of Hytale servers (of course!), and an editorial area (which is crucial, I will explain it to you below!).

Both sections will have their own distinctive features, making our platform different from the rest. Attention! Please keep in mind that we do not intend to replace the server browser integrated into Hytale. In fact, we are confident that the in-game server browser will be suitable for most players due to the simplicity of finding a server. Instead, we want to offer a credible alternative that will satisfy another group of players.

Our objectives:

  • Map the Hytale servers as comprehensive and detailed as possible
  • Assist administrators in the promotion and showcasing of their server.

Let's take a closer look at the two sections of the site.

The server list

The server list is the perfect place to quickly browse a large range of Hytale servers.

You will be able to easily browse this list using relevant filters. For example, if you like PvP and mini-games, you can quickly find all the servers that propose them. You can even search for a specific mini-game. For those who are more interested in building or role-play, we will have servers of this type too!

Mini-games in Hytale We know from the trailer that Hytale will include several mini-games

What we have seen from Hytale so far suggests that this is a game that has been deeply thought out for multiplayer and modding. No doubt then there will be many servers, very different from each other. You may be wondering how these numerous Hytale servers will be ordered in our list. Most sites similar to ours rely on a voting system. This system inevitably benefits the popular servers, and even worse, the servers putting continuous pressure on their players to vote.

We believe that this is not the right approach because it does not guarantee that the most qualitative servers will be promoted. Even worse, it shadows smaller servers that can nevertheless offer high quality content.

To be honest, however, will also be based on a voting system, as it is still a good indicator of a server's popularity. However, the number of votes a server receives will not determine on its own a server's position in our ranking. Instead, we will calculate a score for each server, according to several other criteria. This score will be calculated in such a way that the ranking is better balanced and that qualitative and original servers are encouraged. Details of how this score works will be detailed in a future article.

Remember that the server list is only one of two areas of the site. The editorial area is the second section, and it is even more exciting !

The editorial area

When I first tried to play online in Minecraft (it was in 2011, time flies, Hypixel didn't even exist!), I naturally visited a site that lists Minecraft servers. At that time, Minefield was the popular reference server in France. However, I wasn't really tempted to play on a big server like Minefield (it's a totally personal choice). I preferred a smaller server in which I would have the opportunity to get involved and be able to make a real contribution.

So I browsed through the countless pages of a Minecraft server ranking. The server ads were all similar to each other: each server promoted the game modes it offered. It was impossible to tell the good servers from the not so good without testing them. I had to connect to about twenty different servers before I found the one that suited me.

An example of a Minecraft Top Server that is not very readable An example of a Minecraft Top Server that is difficult to read

That is why we think it is relevant to develop an editorial zone on our site. The purpose of this area is to spotlight servers that stand out from the rest. Each week, we will test different servers in our ranking. We will evaluate them and feature them in illustrated articles. Some articles will focus on a particular server, others will be thematic (an example of an article title could be: "Our selection of medieval servers" or "The best servers with a zombie mode"). These articles will group and compare several servers matching the theme.

We believe that a frequently updated editorial area is the best way to discover high quality servers.

That concludes this first look at We hope that our platform has convinced you! Please let us know what you think in the comments, and if you believe in our project, the best way to help us is to share this article on Facebook and Twitter!