Create your Hytale server: 9 key roles for your team

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You want to create a Hytale server and aren't sure where to begin? 🤔 The answer is quite simple: gather a versatile team. It may seem obvious, but very few people follow this advice, or they do it wrong. In this article, I'll introduce you to 9 roles or skills that you absolutely must have in your team to create your Hytale server.

Having been part of the team of several large French-speaking Minecraft servers, including Epicube, I am familiar with the different aspects of server management...

I also know a lot of players who have thrown themselves headfirst into creating a server thinking they can handle everything themselves. For example, I remember three great builders who went out and created their Minecraft server. Certainly, together, they built a beautiful map with a sublime capital except that none of the three had any skill other than building. They did try to train themselves to acquire other skills (especially plugin development), but it takes a lot of time they didn't have. Above all, they would never have been able to cover all the 9 skills I'm going to present to you. Result: Except for the map, all other aspects of the project were neglected. The server never opened and the project was discontinued after 1 month of hard work.

The same is true for developers: Although you can do a lot with Hytale (or Minecraft) plugin development, you won't get anywhere with your code skills alone!

So you get it: the recipe for success is to build a versatile team. Your best asset to create a successful server are your team members. Gather people who complement each other so that you have the broadest possible range of skills.

Now let's look at the nine roles you'll need:

1. Builder

You are going to create a server on a sandbox game based on blocks. How can you miss the builders?

Block variants in Hytale

Pillars, railings, low walls, posts, roof shapes: Hytale will appeal to budding architects!

The map plays a central role in your server. It is the scenery piece for your mini-games, your role-play adventure, your dungeons... It alone defines the atmosphere of your server. Think about it: When a new player connects to your server, the first thing he'll see is the spawn of your map! Building is a skill in its own right! Indeed, few players are able to design detailed buildings with a variety of materials. And even fewer will be able to terraform a terrain or draw the plans of a city! So you can see the point of bringing together a few good builders for your server project.

2. In-game and Web developpers

I think that's the first skill everyone thinks of: Knowing how to code! However, you should remember that you won't have any trouble running a server without a developer: many plugins will be available for free download, and Hytale will include a very easy to use "live" scripting system. However, I strongly recommend that you find developers.

Live scripting in Hytale

Hytale has announced a live scripting feature in JSON to create new behaviors for NPCs.

Because if you install plugins that 200 other servers are already using, you won't bring anything new to your players! Working with developers means you can add unique and custom features to your server. And even if there's nothing wrong using existing plugins (Why waste time reinventing the wheel?), you can customize them slightly to best suit your server. Finally, a developer will also be able to take care of your server's website and the configuration of the physical machine.

3. Modeller

We were already talking about it in the article « The 5 top features of Hytale Multiplayer that will enrich your gaming experience » : Hytale will give the servers a lot of flexibility. In particular, servers will be able to easily model and animate new creatures with the Hytale Model Maker.

Texture of a cactus in the Hytale Model Maker

From modeling to animation and texture creation: The Hytale Model Maker allows you to create new models for the game from A to Z.

We don't yet know all the creatures that will be present in the base game, but no doubt the servers will have every interest in creating their own creatures related to the universe they offer! Remember that exclusive content is a great way to stand out from the crowd and to arouse the curiosity of potential new players. Beware, it is harder to find 3D modelers than graphic designers because modeling software is not very intuitive and therefore less accessible!

4. Artist / Graphic Designer

Yes, a little artistic touch never hurts! A graphic designer will be indispensable to your team for several reasons. First of all he can help the builders by drawing concept arts of the different cities and other places of your server. These drawings will give you an idea of what a city will look like before you even start the building phase. The same goes for 3D models! Before starting to model a new creature, you need to start with a few sketches and then draw the final reference! What better than the Hytale team itself to illustrate what I'm talking about?

Weapons artworks in Hytale

Hypixel Studios has created many concept arts for the weapons, creatures and environment of the game.

On the game blog you can find concept arts of many elements of the game, which were used as a foundation before the modeling stage. Finally, a graphic designer will be able to provide you illustrations to decorate your website and wonderful banners to promote your server on Twitter and on!

5. Communication Manager

Your server will need promotional campaigns to make itself known. So you will need to have someone in your team taking care of the communication of your server on all platforms: social networks, YouTube, but also your server's website and Discord! Communicating regularly (by publishing articles, tweets or videos) allows you to build loyalty with your current community of players, to attract new players by showing that your server is active, but also to improve your search engine optimization (Google likes sites that regularly publish new content). Also think that communication is not only about promoting your server! It is also a way to inform your players (for example by publishing tutorials). Make sure that the person in this role has a good level of English, is funny, and is comfortable writing.

6. Influencer

This is a very difficult role to fill and yet so valuable.

Hytale Cinema

The Cinema mode in Hytale will allow you to watch videos from your favorite Youtubers.

An influencer can be defined as a person with a sufficiently large audience in your field (in our case, the Hytale community). This could be for example a successful Youtubeer making videos on Hytale. Having an influencer in your team will allow you to have hundreds or even thousands of players on your server as soon as it is launched! The best illustration that comes to mind is Epicube (a former European HyPixel-like server), of which Youtubeur Frigiel was one of the four founders. Even though the relationship between Frigiel and the other administrators deteriorated, the Epicube server would probably never have been as successful without the teasing and continued promotion that Frigiel was doing on his channel. Unfortunately, few servers will benefit from such exposure.

7. Moderator

Oh, yes...! Because you have to keep an eye on this band of thugs (your players)! Generally speaking, the moderators will be in charge of resolving conflicts between players, solving problems encountered in game (or reporting them to the team when this is not possible), enforcing the rules of your server (e.g. regarding cheating) but also monitoring your other community spaces (forum, Discord...)

Police service in Minecraft

Your moderators have a role similar to that of a police department: serving the players and making sure that the rules are respected.

Moderation is a very accessible role and generally requires little training. Just make sure you entrust it to mature players with a good knowledge of your server. Some large servers distinguish between "Moderator" and "Helper" (the latter only answer players' questions). I think this is more confusing than anything else: it's better for your players to have a single point of contact.

8. Community Animator

Attracting players to your server is a good thing. But will you be able to retain them? There are many ways to retain your players and one of them is to regularly (about once a month at least) organize big events on your server.

Christmas in Hytale

The festive season is a good opportunity to organize an exceptional event on your server!

Organizing events takes time, so it's a good idea to appoint someone who will be responsible for the animations on your server and who will coordinate the setting up of the events. Note that this will certainly take up a lot of other resources of your team (for example, builders to produce a special decor for an event). It will also make a perfect opportunity to promote your server by showing the Hytale community that your server is very active!

9. Administrator

If you are planning to create your server, it most likely means that you will be the administrator. As the administrator, you need to have a clear vision of your project since you will provide the guidelines for your team to follow. It also means that you must be passionate about what you do: There's no point in getting into a project like this if your only motivations are money and managing a team, because you'll be heading straight for the wall.

Throne Room in Minecraft

A good administrator does not rest on his throne.

Similarly, don't stay hidden in backstage: be yourself a player of your server in order to better identify its strengths, weaknesses and points for improvement. As an administrator, you'll need to ensure the growth and prosperity of your server through promotional campaigns, partnerships and monetization. Finally, if you intend to monetize your server (beyond covering the costs), consider that you'll need to manage all legal issues (including business registration).

I hope this article will be useful to as many of you as possible! Share it if you found it useful and let me know what you think! 😄